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Describe the setting, locations, and relevant dates, including periods of recruitment, exposure, follow-up, and data collection. Include center eligibility criteria.
Give the eligibility criteria, and the sources and methods of selection of participants. Describe methods of follow-up.
Clearly define all outcomes, exposures, predictors, potential confounders, and effect modifiers. Give diagnostic criteria, if applicable. 
Below, you will have the option to upload your excel file of all the list of variables associated with your study.
List of Variables / Case Report Form Upload (optional)
Please optionally upload below your list of variables preferably in excel format or the Case Report Form (CRF) in word or PDF format. By submitting your list of variables or CRF with your protocol, we will create and electronic CRF for you and all your collaborators to help with a more easy, secure, and complete data collection. Please include the variable names, allowed values, and which ones should be mandatory or not to complete the submission of each case.
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Allowed types: xls, xlsx, doc, docx, txt, rtf, pdf, odt, odp, ods.
For each variable of interest, give sources of data and details of methods of assessment (measurement)
Describe any efforts to address potential sources of bias
Explain how the study size will be arrived at.
Explain how quantitative variables will be handled in the analyses. If applicable, describe which groupings will be chosen and why.
Describe all statistical methods, including those to control for confounding. Describe any methods to examine subgroups and interactions. Explain how missing data will be addressed. If applicable, explain how loss to follow-up will be addressed. Describe any sensitivity analyses if applicable.
Please provide the Scientific Committee with a short cover letter regarding your study and protocol submission.