ISLS Study Groups Platform

The International Society of Liver Surgeons (ISLS) has developed the International Society of Liver Surgeons Study Groups (ISLSSG) platform to enhance the research activities, international collaboration, and data capture for all ISLS Study Groups.

ISLS is the sponsor for the activities below;

  • Study group leaders submit the full version of their study protocol to the ISLS Scientific Committee.
  • Each study group member has their own password to enter their study group page and it is accessible only to their study group members.
  • The platform captures the data and dedicated to the ISLSSGs in the encrypted and secure server. The captured data resides within the ISLSSG platform.
  • The secure and fully customized Case Report Form (CRF) is designed for each study group.
  • The platform administrator oversees the process and there is a statistical consult.
  • The captured data will be solely used for the work described for the specific study but nothing else. Therefore, this part of the data will be protected in the secure server of the ISLS and not for any third party or for any reason other than the study group definition.

On the behalf of the ISLS executive council; ISLS study groups platform is under the ISLS Scientific committee's responsibility.

The chair of the scientific committee:

Prof.  Henrik Petrowsky M.D., Zurich University, Switzerland 

Prof. Deniz Balci M.D., Bahcesehir University, Turkey 

The Rules for the ISLS Study Groups Platform:

  • Each ISLS Study Group has two study group leaders from different countries.
  • Each study group leader has an equal responsibility for the project and co-author of the final manuscript for publication.
  • Scientific data are presented for the first time in the upcoming annual ISLS meeting and can be also presented elsewhere.
  • The ISLS encourages the study group leaders to submit their paper to the ISLS associated journal, the International Journal of Surgery. However, the ISLS scientific committee will guide the paper submission to the other journals as well in accordance with the study group leaders. The first and last authorship will be determined by the study group leaders and other upcoming authors will be formed based on the level of contributions. Scientific data will be published in the journal with the mention of ISLS in the acknowledgment.